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Make your spaces more accessible with the technology of Lazarillo Services and deliver accurate information to your visitors

Services costs

  • The cost of the service is associated with an initial activation, which consists of:

    • Survey of planimetric and functional information of the place.
    • Enabling on Lazarillo servers.
    • Physical installation of the necessary beacons.
    • Activation of administration accounts for the client.

    Once the system is deployed you must pay an annual subscription fee, which will allow you to have everything operational and guaranteed, as well as maintaining your access to Lazarillo Portal to manage the information and access of usage statistics.

    If you want to make your spaces more accessible, ask for a quote. We will evaluate your needs and the characteristics of the place you want to improve, in order to give you an ideal proposition.

If you want to take the next step to accessibility and receive information or quotation to install Lazarillo Services in your spaces, write to and an executive will contact you. You can also fill out the following form:

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